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Hi There!

I am The Famous Player and this is my movie review site. I majored in Pop Cultural Studies – and decided to create a movie review site as a class project to keep track of movies that I have seen.

The reviews on this site are pretty quick and not super in depth – just my general thoughts on the film being discussed, so don’t expect pages of me babbling that are almost as long as the movie’s script.

I wouldn’t consider myself a film snob, in fact I’m a bigger fan of music. I am by no means an expert on film. I haven’t seen as many as most film bloggers, I’m sure. This is my attempt to share my thoughts on movies with everyone who cares to read (which is greatly appreciated and comments are encouraged!)

Movies that I like:
  • Movies that make you think
  • Movies that I don’t know a lot about going into it.
Movies that I typically do not like:
  • Modern “block buster” hits (Super hero movies, etc.)
  • Inspirational movies (I’m really not a terrible person, please believe me.)
  • Sports movies (See above)
  • Romantic movies

People usually think I’m soul-less when they hear that I don’t love inspirational movies, sports or otherwise. I really don’t have a good answer for this, just not the type of movie that I really enjoy. My favorite way to watch anything is to make sure that I know as little as possible about it. I personally believe that movie trailers on TV or otherwise can ruin a movie. If the cast and premise look good  me, I don’t need a trailer to convince me and would prefer to be surprised. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to leave a comment.

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