Appearances - 1994


March 1994

Creation's Grand Slam Convention

Pasadena, California

Brannon Braga said that they were unsure which TOS characters would be in The Movie and he also said that certain major plot points of The Movie hadn't been decided upon. Braga also said there would be some costume changes in the movie and that more about Guinan will be revealed in this or future TNG movies. 


Brannon Braga stated that the TNG finale, All Good Things, will include Romulans and time travel and Q, and that the 2 hour episode stands on its own and has no connection with The Moive or Voyager. 


In part of his time on stage, Braga also mentioned an upcoming TNG episode called Emergence. In Emergence, the Enterprise develops consciousness and acts on its own. The Enterprise's consciousness is symbolically expressed on the holodeck and every TNG holodeck show will be represented on the holodeck as the crew enters the holodeck to try and deal with the situation. 

August 1994

Horizon Star Trek Convention

Bellevue, Washington

Brannon Braga (producer, Voyager) and Ron Moore (producer DSN) described Voyager as a patrol ship with a crew of 200, there are no families on board. It has comparable armament to the Enterprise, and is just as fast. There will be all new aliens in this series, since no ship in a series has ever been in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager will stick to the same values as all the rest of the ST shows. Cisco on DSN will be getting a new ship to help fight the Jem Hadar. The Defiant is a pure battle ship with "speed and teeth". It was designed to fight the Borg. 


Star Trek: Generations - The Movie, due out on Thanksgiving, they said that they have heard many rumors, but they are all wrong. They pointed out that the early scripts which somehow managed to leave the Paramount lot are no longer accurate, the "script has been completely rewritten several times". 


As to Kirk dying or not, they refused to say. They originally wanted the entire TOS cast in the first part of the movie, but it is a Next Generation movie so... For some reason, unknown to them, Leonard Nimoy declined the part, so they then decided to cut out most of TOS crew so they would not have everyone but Spock. The had a very tough time deciding on which few characters to write in, but they finally decided on Kirk, Checkov, and Scotty. They said that they did not deal with the paradox of Scotty meeting the Enterprise crew in 'Relics', so apparently TNG crew will be meeting him for the first time - again. Someone asked how well Shatner behaved, they said that he behaved very well, and contrary to popular belief, Bill Shatner and Patrick Stewart are friends.


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