Appearances 2001


September 14, 2001 

Convention Report: Day Four 

The Voyage Ahead

LAS VEGAS, September 9, 2001 - The fourth and final day of Slanted Fedora's 35th Anniversary Star Trek Convention at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas celebrated the most recently completed chapter of the Trek saga and built anticipation for the next one.


Jeri Ryan made a rare convention appearance to look back on her four years as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager.  When her time on stage ended, she got to introduce her "man" — boyfriend and executive producer Brannon Braga. She purposely embarrassed him by yelling, "Oh honey...!"


As something of an apology for being evasive in previous convention appearances, Brannon started off by saying, "I hope you have questions about Enterprise. This is the first time I can actually talk about it." He pointed out that the new Star Trek series will kick off the fall season with a two-hour pilot in which a Klingon crash-lands in Oklahoma, which is the first time humans see a Klingon.


The show will star Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer, the 22nd-century captain of the first Earth ship capable of traveling into deep space. "What's great about having Scott Bakula in the role is that, you kind of feel like you already know him... He's got a friendly presence, he's down-to-earth, and that's really how we see Captain Archer. He's a more accessible captain — he's one of the guys." He also described the character as "a cross between Chuck Yeager and Indiana Jones." He added Scott Bakula was the producers' first and only choice for the part.


Brannon also let the audience in on some of what they'll be seeing after the pilot: "Jeffery Combs will be playing an Andorian in an episode that will air sometime in November," he revealed. "They're those blue guys with the antennae — probably the silliest looking aliens in all of Star Trek. But we thought it would be fun to take the silliest alien but make it cool, and redesign it. Still a blue guy with antennae, but now the antennae move depending on the Andorian's emotional state."


But the question on everyone's minds was, will the Klingons seen in Enterprise have forehead ridges or will they look like the Original Series Klingons? "They have ridges," Brannon said, like those introduced in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." But he did say that the writing staff may at some point put forth a reason for the differing looks between generations of Klingons. "Maybe there's a subspecies from a different continent on the Klingon homeworld... We'll see. We may begin to explore that dichotomy."

April 09, 2001 

Convention Report: Day Three

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

PASADENA, April 1, 2001 - Brannon was the final guest on the main stage at Creation Entertainment's 9th Annual Grand Slam Convention, and his appearance was greatly anticipated because of hopes he would make an announcement regarding the new Star Trek series.  But he quickly made clear that he could reveal nothing about the new show, except to say that they are working on it and it has been in development for two years. He did say, however, that "The new series will be cool. Trust me," and that, in keeping with Trek's vision of an equal-opportunity future, "We're going to try to create as (racially) diverse a cast as possible."  The lack of news disappointed many among the eager throng, but Brannon did promise that an official announcement from the studio would be coming in a few weeks.


Brannon did answer questions about his years of working on Star Trek, beginning with TNG. When asked which episode was the hardest script to write, he thought for a moment, recalling the many scripts he's written over the years, before deciding on the TNG finale "All Good Things..."  He said that particular story was difficult because it was the last episode of the series, and it had to fulfill so many things.


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