Meet the Parents (2000)

If you’ve found the woman of your dreams but you haven’t met her parents, you might want to watch Meet the Parents if you haven’t seen the movie yet. You may think that it might be a bad idea to watch this movie before meeting them because it will bring this potentially intimidating and awkward situation to life, but it also can offer you a sense of relief knowing that your experience will not even come close to what Ben Stiller’s character had to go through.

Even though I’ve had this movie on when I just want something familiar playing in the background, I will very rarely sit through the entire showing. It’s just too awkward. My face gets stuck in a permanent cringe as I live through each and every uncomfortable moment that involves Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) saying and doing all the wrong things every minute of this whole movie.

Greg and his girlfriend, Pam Byrne (Teri Polo), fly from Chicago to Long Island to meet Pam’s parents, Jack (Robert DeNiro) and Dina (Blythe Danner). Greg is understandably nervous, but he is hopeful about his trip and is excited about the chance to leave a good impression on Pam’s parents after meeting them for the first time. Despite all his efforts, good and bad, honest and embellished, Greg feels the pressure of Jack’s emphatic disdain. After layers of miscommunication, mistaken identity and questionable decision making, Greg’s inevitable breakdowns simply confirm that Jack has been right about Greg all along. Greg just so happens to be one of the worst guys on the face of the earth who will forever be associated with lost luggage, cat hijinks and overaggressive volleyball spiking.

There comes a point at this movie where I want it to be over because I don’t want to feel bad for Greg anymore, but I am glad to say that we are rewarded with a well-deserved laugh, at Greg’s expense of course, after such an exhausting trip. We can’t thank Greg enough for failing to find out the proper size of carry-ons allowed in the overhead compartment on the airplane, leading to this hilarious verbal altercation with the stewardess.

Meet the Parents is a movie that will give you hope when you are hopeless. It is a film that you can watch when you feel like you have the worst luck in the world and you just need to feel better about yourself. It offers the inspiration you need to face your anxieties and meet your girl’s parents. After all, it can’t be that bad.



What We Do In the Shadows

When I first saw this movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. This was one of those times where I saw a list online of “The Best Movies You Haven’t Heard of” or something like that. What We Do in the Shadows always would pop up in that conversation. All I knew was that Jermaine Clement was involved, and since I’m a fan of his Flight of the Concords, figured it was another winner. I was able to avoid all other info before seeing the movie and go in “blind.” I would suggest you do the same, but if you’re curious – the trailer is embedded below.

This movie is in a unique category which I will call “Horror Mocumentary.” It’s seen through the eyes of a camera crew who follows around a group of vampires, trying to live their day-to-day life, in the present time. We’re used to seeing vampires portrayed as confident horror villains, however in this film we see a slightly different approach. Turns out that vampires are actually similar to you and I, and have to deal with the monotonous aspects of life like dishes, chores, and picking outfits to wear for a night on the town. The dry humor and documentary style really make this one of the most unique comedies I’ve ever seen. It’s refreshing to see something so different be so hilarious.

Watch as our not-so-spooky friends interact with humans, and also the rival, equally-repressed werewolves. They’re all just regular folks, who you can’t help but sympathize with… and laugh at. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a different type of comedy, that’s a little dark.


Home Alone Movie

Home Alone (1990)

For my first movie review, we’re looking at the John Hughes classic – Home Alone. Home Alone stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Roberts Blossom and many more, despite Kevin being alone in a house. I need to acknowledge that I am an actual adult and not in fact, 8 years old. This is a favorite of mine from when I was growing up and I believe that it really does hold up. It’s unlikely that any movie on here will get a perfect 5/5 stars so I gave this one the next best thing, 4.5 stars. Kevin McCallister.

I’m sure that most people have already seen this movie before but quick synopsis: Kevin is boy from Chicago whose parents accidentally leave him behind on a big family trip to Paris for Christmas. They mistake the back of a neighbor kid’s head for Kevin’s and assume that they have everyone – BUT THEY DON’T. Kevin is thrilled at the fact that he is free to live by his own rules and not be scolded or annoyed by his family. Here comes the problem though – there are 2 burglars casing the neighborhood and breaking into homes. Kevin learns that these two buffoons plan on breaking into HIS house, and he decides that he will not let that happen and adorably declares “This is my house. I have to defend it!” and readies his BB gun. I won’t go any further in case you are one of the tens of people in the world who have not seen the movie before.

You could be like my friend Mike who can’t seem to suspend the disbelief that a child can defend himself against 2 adults and also ask why these hardened criminals didn’t have a gun and make the movie much quicker and sadder. I choose to just take this movie for a far-fetched, family-friendly Christmas movie. It still makes me laugh, and I find myself quoting it all year round.