Movie Trailers Are The Worst!

A Public Service Announcement

Thank you for your attention – now that I have it I can let you in on something that always bothered me.

Movie trailers are the worst.

Personally, I can’t stand movie trailers. Mainly movie trailers for movies that I plan on seeing. I can usually tell by who’s in a movie or who made a movie if I’m going to see it, so I really don’t need to be shown a 2 minute video that gives everything away. This is why old movies are always a good choice. Maybe you’ve ‘heard’ of a movie and that it was good, so you watch it and can actually enjoy it because you might know the premise, but not key points in the plot that have been ruined just because you decided to watch TV and saw a commercial.

Movie trailers are a necessary evil.

Previews are how movies get in front of the masses and get people to the theater, or to buy the movie once it is available to own. If there were no movie previews – the average person would not be interested in going to the theaters. With blockbusters costing 10s of millions of dollars, they need all the help they can get to make their money back as well as a profit. They know if they give away all the ‘crazy’ parts they will get people to buy tickets. The worst thing movie trailer can do (and they do this) is tell you “you won’t see this twist coming”. Well guess what egg-head… now I will… thanks for nothing. Some of the best movies that I’ve seen are ones that I just watched on a simple suggestion of “You should watch Following” Speaking of Christopher Nolan – I hope that I go through November without seeing another trailer for his new movie Interstellar.