Psycho (1960)

It’s tough to read a list of the greatest movies ever made and not find Psycho on that list. The 1960 original version that is – because as with any successful movie, there are remakes that never seem to live up to the original. In fact, Psycho was remade but not until 1998 with none other than Mr. Vince Vaughn. I didn’t see that movie and I never will. I also haven’t seen any of the sequels to the original and I never will, even though there are far worse sequels that were made according to some film buffs. I just have something against people trying to milk a franchise or put a ‘modern spin’ on a classic film.

I’m not old enough to have seen this movie when it came out in 1960. I’m not even old enough to have seen the sequels in theaters which didn’t come out until 20 years after the original. Also as a fun (yet morbid) fact, this movie is so old that only 2 of the main characters are still alive today (the sister and the boyfriend). This movie is old enough to be not of my parents’ generation, but my grandparents’. Having said that I still think that this is one of the best movies ever made and can and should be appreciated by anyone willing to give an old black and white movie a chance.

Hopefully you’ve seen this movie, if not you definitely should – as it gets the seal of approval from the Famous Player himself. The story begins with our main character, Marion Crane, finding a reason to run away essentially. She tries to start anew and on her way to her new life happens upon The Bates Motel, a place of creepiness. That’s all you get with this ‘synopsis’ because I will not be the one to give anything away. Most red-blooded Americans are at least aware of the plot and certain scenes in this movie – just because of how much the film is prevalent within our own pop culture.

I fully recommend seeing this movie. It has been hailed the greatest thriller/suspense film in American history, and also is unarguably Alfred Hitchcock‘s most popular film. A lot of old movies are duds, but if you can check this one out you will not be disappointed – trust me.

Below is a original trailer for the movie where Alfred Hitchcock discusses the film. If you plan on seeing this and don’t know much about it (somehow), then maybe see the movie first. Also when you do see it, see if you can spot the cameo of Alfred in the beginning of the film.