Citizen Kane (1941)

I’ve never claimed to have the greatest taste in Movies – and have never formally “studied” film before. I’m just a fan, and I like what I like. Having said all of that – I finally got around to watching Citizen Kane. I’ve always wanted to watch this movie, because it’s almost always in the top 10 of every major publication’s list of the greatest movies. Here’s an original trailer:

Aside from hearing that it was a “classic” and quite possibly the greatest film ever made, I really went into this one not knowing a whole lot about it. I knew only two things: something about a newspaper, and something about “rosebud”…whatever that meant. I’ll make this writeup quick.

Overall I have to say that for what it’s worth – I wasn’t super impressed when just considering it to be an entertaining film. This is a movie that you may have to do a little bit of reading afterwards to truly understand what you just watched. For me, I did not know that Orson Welles, the write, director, and lead actor, created this film at the age of 25 years old. Also, this movie was made in 1941, and may have been the most important film in the 19th century.

I completely understand that this was an important film that changed the game. But just to watch this film and block out everything you’ve heard about it, I thought the movie was pretty average. I’m sure it can be dissected and studied in film class, but for a Friday night flick – I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped that I would.